Lemon Broccoli

Like any child I never used to like broccoli, but as an adult, I love it! The only part I used to eat when I was little was the green heads, getting through them because my mother told me they were ‘anti-cancer sticks’. She was right (of course),  they are such a nutrient dense vegetable, and hugely high in antioxidants. Oddly enough, my favorite part of broccoli is now the stem. My husband chops the long stalks off, which I happily finish from his plate. I even eat broccoli raw as a snack. At any rate, the amount of this stuff I consume is huge. And in the past year, I have served it almost every day and night in salads.

Recently when I was in LA a girlfriend had me over for dinner. She is a wonderful cook and certainly knows her way around the kitchen. She served me broccoli and beans that had been cooked in lemon juice and water as the accompaniment to some very tasty beef. They were delectable, and I finished the whole pan. Ever since, this is the way I have been making broccoli. It is easy, healthy, and gives it a wonderful lemony flavor. I told her I was totally stealing it, and so now here it is for you.

  • 1 broccoli head
  • handful of green beans
  • juice of half a lemon
  • water
Wash and chop up your broccoli and beans to your desired shapes and sizes. Get a frying pan to medium heat and add your vegetables. Pour over the lemon juice and about the same amount of water. Turn the vegetables so they are all covered in the lemon juice. Salt and pepper lightly.
The lemon juice will make the broccoli turn a little yellow and burn if you don’t watch it. To avoid this I turn it over with tongs regularly for the few minutes it takes to cook. I like my veggies pretty crunchy, so it never takes more than a few minutes.

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I usually let this cool and then toss it through my salads. It is also great served hot to accompany fish, meat and chicken.
If you are serving it as an accompaniment, try adding a little garlic to the pan first, which you brown lightly in olive oil before tossing in the vegetables. Finely slice some fresh chilli and add this in too. Serve hot with a few slices of toasted almonds on the top and it is a very pretty, tasty and nutritious way to get your veggies!

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