Tandoori Chicken

I had two girlfriends over for lunch today and decided to make them this quick and easy tandoori chicken salad. The chicken can be prepared the night before (so I had it for dinner with my husband yesterday) and you can serve it hot or cold. You can buy tandoori paste in most supermarkets or in an asian food store that stocks indian/middle-eastern foods. My favorite brand for this paste is Sharwoods, but I cant find it very readily so I used Pataks this time.

  • 5 chicken breasts (or however many you need, this amount should work for 3-8)
  • 2.5 tablespoons Tandoori Paste
  • 4 tablespoons natural yoghurt
  • A few wedges of fresh lime
In a bowl combine the yoghurt and tandoori paste. Slice your chicken breasts (approximately into quarters lengthways) and combine with the paste, covering well. Marinade for 1+ hours.
Heat some olive oil in a frying pan and add your chicken. Cook until tender (slice open your fattest piece to make sure it is done). You can either serve in pieces or slice it up, revealing the lovely colored rim around the white of the chicken. Serve with a large salad. If serving in pieces add a wedge of fresh lime to each plate for squeezing over the chicken. I have added photos of both methods of serving.

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I used to make this and serve it with Fragrant Rice, but I try and avoid grains these days as I have almost eliminated migraines from my life after a 17 year battle with them (More on that later, it also meant cutting out almost all dairy).
If you do eat rice, cook some up and once it is drained but still hot, toss through some chopped coriander (cilantro), chopped fresh red chilli and some roughly chopped salted cashews. This is a very beautiful looking rice dish and very fragrant and it goes perfectly with this chicken and wedge of lime.

5 thoughts on “Tandoori Chicken

  1. You gave me this tandoori recipe years ago and I used to make it all the time. I’m so please you have reminded me of it because it is so yummy and simple to prepare. We made it tonight with your fragrant rice and salad. So good!

    • You are by far my most busy follower!! LOVE that you are making everything, and love even more that you are happy with it all and can add it to your own repertoire now. 🙂

  2. My 1st attempt: http://i.imgur.com/T827a.jpg
    2nd attempt: http://i.imgur.com/QVJX6.jpg

    I had to make the sauce out of a powder as that’s all I found but it worked just as well I think.

    My ‘salads’ were pretty plain. The 2nd time I used a balsamic vinegar based dressing which worked well. Do you have other suggestions for a good salad/dressing pairing with this dish?

    I had some marinade left over, so I used it as a nice face mask…but I BURNED MY FACE!! Don’t try that! Seriously!!

    • Great food shots you nailed it!!! You didnt seriously put the paste on your face did you??? My recent food gone wrong episode was putting what I THOUGHT was cinnamon into my black coffee, there was no label on it. Mixed it in, Had the coffee. It was good, kinds hot. Asked my flat mate in LA what the Spice was…CURRY POWDER! um…yeah.
      My preferred dressing for this dish is definitely balsamic. You can vary the balsamic though by adding lime juice/lemon juice to it before mixing it up withe the olive oil. Thanks for posting.

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