Avoid Food Smells in Your Hair

My husband is in Paris for work, so I had organized for a girlfriend to come over last night for dinner and a bottle of champagne (as you do, on a Wednesday). It was such a delightful evening, we talked for hours, and enjoyed a meal I had started preparing before she arrived. When the doorbell rang I was so excited to see her I ran out to greet her still wearing a showercap on my head! Yes I was fully clothed, no I had not just jumped out of the shower, and it wasn’t until she collapsed in a fit of laughter that I realized I still had my ‘cooking cap’ on.

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Whenever I’m cooking something that gives off much odor, like garlic, onions, meat, fish…most things it seems, during the sautéing stage I wear a showercap on my head. Why? I have short curly hair, but enough of it bouncing around that food smells seem to stay locked in it long after I finish cooking. I love the smell of food while I’m making it, but the smell of kitchen on your person after you have eaten takes me back to the days I worked part-time as a waitress, and came home smelling like a commercial kitchen. Ugh! I hated it. To ensure my husband still snuggles me after dinner, and to avoid food smells in my hair, this is the simplest trick and I highly recommend it! I learnt it from my mother (like most of the good things I do in the kitchen) and there has been no looking back ever since. If you have guests, you may like to just endure food smells, it’s up to you. I just use one of those free hotel shower-caps and have it in a drawer next to the oven ready to go!!

5 thoughts on “Avoid Food Smells in Your Hair

  1. if anyone can pull off the ‘shower cap look’ it’s you darling… i was… laughing… at …something else… ??! oh you were so cute. too sweet. & that pork fillet was exquisite. apart from the odd bacon buttie, the Christmas ham… oh & of course a sausage here or there i would just never order pork. THAT.PORK.FILLET.WAS.GORGEOUS! it was almost like a meat i’d never tried before. thank you for extending my pallet & for that fabulous salad… the champagne & strawberries were just icing on cake.

  2. hehe I love that trick – it works a treat! sometimes I wrap a tea towel around my head for the same reason but the shower cap is much faster!

  3. I love this idea, especially if you really work the look and use a novelty shower cap like a panda one. I can just picture how i’d frighten the other half if he came in while i was sporting the panda shower cap and goggles to save the watery eyes from onion chopping. Brilliant, x

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