Over the weekend I hosted an Italian Wine Tasting and Dinner Party. I had been planning the food for some time, and was going for elegant, clean Italian flavors, and dishes that would be easy for people to make themselves as this blog is never far from my mind. There were 12 of us to cook for, including nibbles, starters, more starters, mains and two desserts. I won’t confess to how many wines we got through during the 7 hour evening…but I can tell you I was unable to move very far from the couch all day Sunday. Ouch.

I hope you enjoy this week of Italian Food! Everything will be covered here from the nibbles to dessert, and the wines we tasted along the way. If you have any questions or comments, as always, I would love to hear your thoughts. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “ITALIAN WEEK

  1. having been one of the fortunate people to indulge in this evening, i must say a massive thank you to elisa. somehow amidst all the depth of flavours & array of colour & texture, the balance of each dish within each course, & from one course to the next – i was continually satisfied & stimulated by the subtlety & gorgeousness of each mouthful. & to come to that last mouthful of that stunning chocolate mousse after all that came before i didn’t feel gluttonous! now that’s my kind of gastronomic adventure!!

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