You Can’t Fix a Body You Hate

Just read a wonderful article by Jason Seib on the Everyday Paleo website. It is all about driving towards a healthy you, as opposed to soley focussing on aesthetic reward with food and exercise. Ever noticed that when you are ‘dieting’ or trying desperately to lose weight to look a certain way…it nerver usually works out the way you had hoped? Ever been really happy, eating well and doing exercise and as happy side-effect you end up looking your best in the mirror too? Then this article (link below) was written for you. I hope you enjoy it.

You Can’t Fix a Body You Hate- Article


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Fix a Body You Hate

  1. Love this post. Have always admired my bodies ability to continue to function, even when I don’t treat it so well!
    I’ve put on 7kgs during this trip (I know!) but now we’ve jumped on our bicycles and after 1 week my body seems to be all fully powered up again and the kgs are coming off.
    A healthy body is so vital to living a fully enjoyable active life. This is of far greater importance than how it looks.

  2. I also loved this post. It really resonated with me. I completely agree with Sharen’s words! Loving yourself enough to find health is so much more important than what size you are.

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