Los Angeles


Sincere apologies for the extreme hiatus! I have been traveling like a mad woman, and am in fact, still not at home, so not really cooking! I had 10 days in Tuscany and now am in LA for nearly a month. What I can do in this time is write restaurant reviews so look out!

This morning I had breakfast at Figaro, on Vermont in Los Feliz. It is a trendy little spot with simple, but charming decor. The coffee is excellent, and this, for LA, is saying something. As it was brunch I ordered the poached eggs with parmesan and asparagus. Delicious!! Poached to perfection on stems on asparagus that had clearly been cooked in butter…naughty but oh so nice! Sadly I did not have my camera with me so there are no photos. If you are in West LA it is worth a visit. Casual, french-bistro meets LA sidewalk.


Got a great dinner booking for tomorrow in Venice beach, more on that soon, and this time I’ll be armed with the lens.


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