Having decided I was thoroughly sick of all the food I had been eating at home, I took myself off to breakfast yesterday. This was preceded by much googling to find out where I should go, and a nice walk along the beach.

I decided on Sauce, a cute little neighborhood cafe on the edge of Venice and Santa Monica. Two brothers, Sassan and Saul run this place. Sassan is the chef and Saul the business end. Sure enough, when I arrived, Sassan was busily unpacking all the fresh produce he had bought this morning at the farmers market. He was so impassioned about every item he was pulling out of his van, and very friendly to chat with.  Most fascinating were the Indian Blood Peaches, very rare and one of the hardest fruits to grow. He doesnt buy them for the cafe, but for family and loved ones! He had only 6, and the farmer had only 6 dozen. I was longing to try one but they were not ripe…and well, nor am I a loved one!

For my breakfast I chose the Popeye, a 5-eggwhite omelet with spinach and chicken breast. HUGE as per everything in the USA, and my side choice was the salad (as opposed to the potatoes, roast sweet potato etc). Although I asked for no dressing on the salad it did come out drenched in some balsamicy thing, but I had more than enough food before me to warrant not caring.

For $10 this was a great find. I managed 2/3 of my omelet, then boxed the rest to photograph for you and to finish when I got home! I had it cold just now and it was perhaps even better that way!

When you ask for the bill, you get a homemade cookie served with it. The downside to this cute eatery, is that there is no esspresso machine, so the coffee was watery and weak. I need caffeine America…show me the shots!

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